Amazon Visa Rewards Credit Card: Minimum Credit Score Required


I am 20, and according to Experian, my credit score is 712. According to Equifax & TransUnion, my credit score is 700. What is the minimum score required to get that type of card. Also, what is the credit score required to get a Amazon Store Card?

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  • Andres says:

    I recently apply and was aproved with a score of 648.

    I’m 22 and got aproved for 800. I have a decent job and have credit cards and loans showing good standing. For.about 3 years.

  • Give Yourself Credit says:

    You’d have to contact Chase since they are the ones who issue the Amazon card.

    Poor Credit Score (549 or Lower)
    Fair Credit Score (550-639)
    Good Credit Score (640-719)
    Excellent Credit Score (720 or Higher)

    Ok, BUT, it’s not all about the score. There is also the debt to income ratio. I know someone who has an excellent score, but couldn’t get a card because of limited income. They were laid off and now only get money from various internet projects that earn them commissions. It doesn’t matter how well they pay their bills or how much they have in savings. Without the income, you’re hosed.

    Then there are the “hard inquiries” on your history, an indication on your credit file that a lender has obtained a copy of the report in order to evaluate your loan or credit application. An excess of hard inquiries within a six-month period may lower your credit rating.

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